Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Friendster is Closing Soon!???

Tolong, yang baca message di bawah ini, jangan keburu-buru forward message dulu ya. Baca dulu artikel ini sampe habis!

> from mr allen smith(manager of friendster )
> Friendstersystem is getting to crowded!!
> We need you to forward this to at least 20 people.
> I know thisseems like a large number, but we need
> to find out who is really using their account. If you
> do not send this to at least 10 Friendster members,
> we will delete your account. WARNING! We want
> to find out which users are actually using their
> Friendster accounts. So if you are using your
> account,please pass this e- mail to every
> Friendster user that youcan. IF YOU DO NOT
> PASS this letter toanyone we will delete your
> account. Sorry for this inconvenience.Because of
> the sudden rush of people signing up to
> Friendster,it has come to our attention that we are
> vastly running out of resources. So, within a
> month's time,anyone who does not receive this
> BULLETIN with the exact subject heading,will be
> deleted off our server. Please forward this
> BULLETIN so that we know you are still using this
> account ..

Hii, sereeemm! Tapi koq judul artikelnya aneh sih, tanda serunya cuman 1, lah tanda tanyanya sampe 3. Tentu ada alasannya dong!

Message di atas udah sering kulihat mulai dari pertama kali aku masuk fs, sampe skrg! Tapi, sebenarnya message di atas itu bener gak sih? Nah, kalo dilihat, msg di atas tuh termasuk kategori chain letter. Aku udah sering nrima chain letter, dan semuanya yg bernada ancaman GAK pernah aku sebarkan, termasuk message di atas ini.

Lalu apakah account fs-ku dihapus? SAMA SEKALI TIDAK! Mungkin ada yg bakal ngomong, "Loh koq bisa yakin sih? Siapa tau suatu hari account-mu bener2 ditutup, mampus loe!!!". Nah, kalo org yg ngomong kalimat itu tadi lagi online, kusuruh dia jalankan beberapa tahap ini:

  1. Klik link "help" yang ada di bagian bawah pada setiap halaman friendster.
  2. Cari help yg berjudul "Is it true that Friendster is running out of space and needs me to forward the message so my account won't be deleted?"
  3. Baca tuh bolak balik sampe ngerti!

Ato bisa juga baca isi help itu di bawah ini (di-copy paste langsung dari friendster):

I received a message or saw a bulletin post about Friendster running out of space and needing me to pass the message along to keep my account from being deleted. Is this true?

It is a hoax. The Bulletin Board post you received isn't true, and it is not from Friendster (there is also no Allen Smith, Joseph Tubeo, or Ying Stephen as refered to either), so there is not need to re-post it or forward it to any of your friends. Friendster is not deleting any of its users' accounts. For future reference please note that Friendster will never communicate with you via your Bulletin Board, only through your personal e-mail address on your account or through the Friendster Alerts that appear on your homepage when you login to your account.

Nah, pihak friendster jelas2 telah memberitahu tentang hal ini. Jadi gimana, masih ada yang mau forward chain letter di atas?

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