Saturday, November 24, 2012

IT Fair Singapore Price Tracker

I created the IT Fair Singapore Price Tracker data visualization so that it is easier to track certain IT Fair products visually and interactively.

From the chart, we could easily observe that the SanDisk flash disk price is moving up slightly in Sitex 2012 compared to the last IT fair, Comex 2012:
Cruzer Blade prices
For those who want to buy flash disk and does not need it urgently, I advice you to wait until the next IT fair, which is IT Show on March 2013.

Micro SD price is also a bit more expensive in Sitex 2012:
SanDisk microSD class 10 prices

However, the Western Digital My Passport 2 TB portable hard disk price decreases significantly, thus this is a good time to buy if you need it:
Western Digital My Passport prices

The price data is collected from IT Fair brochures at

To play around with the interactive charts shown in the pictures above, click:
IT Fair Singapore Price Tracker data visualization

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