Monday, September 8, 2014

Easily Delete Large Emails in Microsoft Outlook

Is your Outlook very slow because of many large emails? Here is a quick tip to search for very large emails:

What it does is finding emails with size larger than 5 MB. Once we found the big emails, it is easier to delete them. Make sure we don't delete important emails though.

Reference: Learn to narrow your search criteria for better searches in Outlook

Saturday, November 24, 2012

IT Fair Singapore Price Tracker

I created the IT Fair Singapore Price Tracker data visualization so that it is easier to track certain IT Fair products visually and interactively.

From the chart, we could easily observe that the SanDisk flash disk price is moving up slightly in Sitex 2012 compared to the last IT fair, Comex 2012:
Cruzer Blade prices
For those who want to buy flash disk and does not need it urgently, I advice you to wait until the next IT fair, which is IT Show on March 2013.

Micro SD price is also a bit more expensive in Sitex 2012:
SanDisk microSD class 10 prices

However, the Western Digital My Passport 2 TB portable hard disk price decreases significantly, thus this is a good time to buy if you need it:
Western Digital My Passport prices

The price data is collected from IT Fair brochures at

To play around with the interactive charts shown in the pictures above, click:
IT Fair Singapore Price Tracker data visualization

Friday, November 9, 2012

Suikoden V

Here are just a few notes and visualizations that I created when I was playing Suikoden V. Suikoden V is a great RPG game with great story, and the Suikoden series have been my long time favorite.

Hero name: Freyjadour
Castle name: Ceras Lake
Army name: Loyalist


Thursday, August 9, 2012

WhatsApp PC

How many times have we wished that we could do WhatsApp chatting with ten fingers (or at least more than two thumbs)? By using WhatsApp on PC we are able to type much faster using computer physical keyboard.

Unfortunately WhatsApp is not designed to run on PC unlike Ebuddy XMS. It means that we could not simply download & install WhatsApp for PC as such software does not exist. However there is a workaround on it, that is by running a smartphone emulator on PC. We will use an Android emulator, named BlueStacks, which will run WhatsApp on top of it.

Other similar articles in the internet usually only guide us to install BlueStacks and WhatsApp, but beyond it we still have more questions. How do we import contacts to WhatsApp PC? Will it cause problem to our WhatsApp on phone? This article improves the existing articles by answering frequently asked questions about WhatsApp PC.


1. Backup phone with valid phone number.
If your main phone already has an active WhatsApp, you should not use the main phone number for WhatsApp PC, or else it will cause your phone's WhatsApp to not able to receive any messages. Instead, use your backup phone number which has no WhatsApp. For example, assumes phone number 8888 is attached to your main phone which has WhatsApp, and phone number 9999 is attached to your backup phone which has no WhatsApp. Thus the 9999 is the perfect candidate for WhatsApp PC as it does not collide with any existing WhatsApp.

2. PC with internet connection.
To run WhatsApp on PC.

Step by step tutorial

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Romance of the Three Kingdoms Poem

The poem is taken from Romance of the Three Kingdoms comedy book by Tsai Chih Chung. It is said to be written bu Zhuge Liang (fact or joke?).

The poem in English
Heaven's so tall,
Earth's a bore.
Winners take all,
Losers work for all.

Puisi versi Bahasa Indonesia:
Surga nun jauh,
Bumi pun jenuh.
Pemenang dapat semua,
Pecundang kerja untuk semua.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kinokuniya Singapore Sale Pattern

Kinokuniya Privilege Card members are normally entitled to 10% off privilege during non-sale period, and 20% off during promotion period. Given the fact that Kinokuniya bookstore has been having promotion consistently, it is worthwhile to wait for the 20% members sale to purchase books especially if you are not in a hurry.

Kinokuniya Singapore sale history:
From the pattern above, the next sale prediction is:
  • Second to fourth week of June 2012
So prepare your books wish-list and buy them when the promotion comes.

Credit to Rouge Deluxe for tracking Kinokuniya sale much better than other Singapore promotion (competitor) websites.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Download Chinese Song at Sogou MP3

Update Jan 2015

Sogou download link no longer works since 2014. I haven't found a really simple way to download Chinese MP3 ever since. Let me know if you have any recommendation.

Original article

Some people may think that downloading Chinese MP3 songs is difficult but I could guarantee you that it is actually very easy. China may be the only country in the world that could provide MP3 downloads openly without much issue on legality, even for big and reputable China websites. One of the China websites to download Chinese songs is Sogou MP3 (

In order to download a song, one would need to enter a search term in Chinese character. Alternatively if we could not type in Chinese characters, we may click on the download link provided by

One example is the Yan Jue - Ai Jiu Shi Ga Li lyric post from, which has the download link: Yan Jue - Ai Jiu Shi Ga Li mp3 download. Click on this link and the Sogou MP3 website will be displayed.
Sogou MP3 Search Result (in Chinese)
For those of you who do not understand Chinese, the image below is the English translation result (thanks to Google Chrome web page translation).
Sogou MP3 Search Result (in English)
Notice that given the search result of a song, many choices are provided to us, which is a good thing (in the example above, we have 5 choices). Those with higher Connectivity Speed (longest green bar on the right screen) is generally preferable as the download will be faster. After selecting which one to download, click on the down-arrow image under the Link column, and a pop-up window will be shown.
Sogou MP3 Download Link
After that, simply click on the green button with the 下载歌曲 words (which means Download Song) and the download will start. Very simple, isn't it!

Finally, the songs provided in this website may not be legal, so if you like the song then we encourage you to buy the album at your local music store or online.