Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Download Chinese Song at Sogou MP3

Update Jan 2015

Sogou download link no longer works since 2014. I haven't found a really simple way to download Chinese MP3 ever since. Let me know if you have any recommendation.

Original article

Some people may think that downloading Chinese MP3 songs is difficult but I could guarantee you that it is actually very easy. China may be the only country in the world that could provide MP3 downloads openly without much issue on legality, even for big and reputable China websites. One of the China websites to download Chinese songs is Sogou MP3 (mp3.sogou.com).

In order to download a song, one would need to enter a search term in Chinese character. Alternatively if we could not type in Chinese characters, we may click on the download link provided by LirikLaguMandarin.com.

One example is the Yan Jue - Ai Jiu Shi Ga Li lyric post from LirikLaguMandarin.com, which has the download link: Yan Jue - Ai Jiu Shi Ga Li mp3 download. Click on this link and the Sogou MP3 website will be displayed.
Sogou MP3 Search Result (in Chinese)
For those of you who do not understand Chinese, the image below is the English translation result (thanks to Google Chrome web page translation).
Sogou MP3 Search Result (in English)
Notice that given the search result of a song, many choices are provided to us, which is a good thing (in the example above, we have 5 choices). Those with higher Connectivity Speed (longest green bar on the right screen) is generally preferable as the download will be faster. After selecting which one to download, click on the down-arrow image under the Link column, and a pop-up window will be shown.
Sogou MP3 Download Link
After that, simply click on the green button with the 下载歌曲 words (which means Download Song) and the download will start. Very simple, isn't it!

Finally, the songs provided in this website may not be legal, so if you like the song then we encourage you to buy the album at your local music store or online.


  1. ko, baidu.com dah g isa ta? aq mw download 爸妈的话 成龙 pke klik dr koko pny blog, jawaban d baidu.com g kyk biasanya.. dulu2 aq download isa, akhir2 ini 2 sampai 3 bln yg lalu dah g isa, tu knp ya??? xie xie....

  2. @tulus_yudi, baidu.com sudah nggak bisa. Sekarang download pake mp3.sogou.com.

  3. ko, ada yg lain ngak? Agak kesulitan klo yg ngak bisa bahasa mandarin. xie xie . . .

  4. Salam hangat all, 4 all pencinta lagu mandarin boleh coba di " chikomusic.com ", salah satu best site tuk download lagu (langsung mantap nih), boleh request lagi, thx

  5. Salam hangat lagi, tuk pengejaan aksara chinesse-nya boleh coba di situs ini : "http://www.chinese-tools.com" ( dari tulisan aksara ke abjad ABC )sisa-nya translate lagi sesuai selera masing-2, semoga bermanfaat, thx

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  8. http://blog.adisutanto.com/2011/09/download-chinese-song-at-sogou-mp3.html

  9. ga ada yang menu pakai bahasa inggris ya ? :(

  10. I have tried mp3.sogou but when I clicked the sign for download it only streamed the song and there's no any other sign for download, it's really confusing

    1. Sorry, Sogou MP3 download no longer works. See the updated article above.

  11. you can still "download" the song by recording it directly from in-computer audio as it plays back - e.g. with Audacity - more inconvenient and imperceptibly worse quality, but if it's the only place you've found your favorite obscure retro song...